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Welcome to the Boggs Cattle Farm shop. We have a large selection of grass-fed and grass-fed grain-finished beef options ranging from whole cows to a pound of ground beef.

Simply fill out the order form below and we will reach out to you within 24 hours with a quote. During the call, we can decide on a delivery time and answer any questions you may have.

*Disclaimer* Beef prices may vary slightly from the prices displayed below based on package size and processing costs.

NY Strip

*Average 1lb per pack

 $16.50 lb


*Average 1.5lb per pack

 $18.95 lb


*Average 0.75lb per pack

 $26.95 lb


*Average 1lb per pack

 $13.95 lb

Shoulder Roast

*Average 2.5lb per pack

 $7.95 lb

Sirloin Roast

*Average 2.5lb per pack

 $9.95 lb

Cube Steak

*1lb per pack

 $8.95 lb

Ground Beef

*1lb per pack

 $7.25 lb

Stew Beef

*1lb per pack

 $7.50 lb

Box Special

– 12lbs ground beef
-10lbs assorted steaks
-8lbs roasts.

Beef Ribs

 $7.00 lb

Flank Steak

 $14.50 lb

Chuck Roast

 $6.95 lb

Beef Brisket

 $8.00 lb

Pork Box Special

 – 20lb box

 Sold out

Ground Beef Box Special

-20lb box


Beef Heart

 $4.00 lb

Beef Tongue

 $4.00 lb

Beef Liver

 $4.00 lb

Soup Bones

 $4.00 lb


 $6.00 lb

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